The Cave of Montauk is an old school adventure game. Travel through different locations and solve puzzles along the way to find the fabulous treasure of Montauk.

Also interested in creating adventures such as these. Have a look at:


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Got apple, laid out troll, ignited the logs, and then got stuck. Great graphics - maybe needs a bit more work on the parser?

Thank you for playing. You can burn or ignite the wooden stick...

Love the artwork on this game!

How do you combine two objects, such as magnifying glass and stick?
Or is there another way to light it... :)

Hallo there. You could try for example  ‘ignite stick‘

Thank you :)
Born in the 70s, played with computers in 80s; I love your adventuron, wish there had been one in "my time" :)
I love the tutorial for kids! :D